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This progect supported by "Your Train" website.

Rather than TrainSchedule, another idea used for this application. Schedule consists of train set: departure and arrival station, deaprture and arrival time, runtime and type. You can view detailed route for each train and departure days.

To start using TrainRoute, download needed schedule bases from "Your Train" website. As a fact, this site contains full railway timetable of CIS. You can choose some restricted subsets and create .pdb file "on-a-fly". All, that you need - install this .pdb files through HotSync.

System requirements: PalmOS 3.5, 4.x, 5.X
Color: yes
One hand devices supported: Sony JogDial, Handera Jog Wheel, Tungsten T pad
Supported languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English

Supported languages for schedules: Russian, English

Download Demo

English version (Last Updated 14/10/2008, 23 Kb )

Russian version (Last Updated 14/10/2008, 24.1 Kb )

Ukrainian version (Last Updated 14/10/2008, 24 Kb )
Try Before Buy version

You can download full fuctional demo and use TrainRoute up to 31 Mar 2005.

English version (Last Updated 14/10/2008, 18.1 Kb )

Russian version (Last Updated 14/10/2008, 19.6 Kb )

Ukrainian version (Last Updated 14/10/2008, 19.5 Kb )

Commercical license will never expire.

TimeLimited license, will expire after six months from purcashe date.

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